Zachariah’s Acres

Helping children with special needs one cup at a time.


Our mission is to connect children with special needs, and their families, to the miracles of nature so they may know their Creator.

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Oconomowoc, WI | Created: September 30, 2019

We are children with disabilities and families with complex special needs. We struggle to experience nature because outdoor activities are not accessible to wheelchairs, and those of us who need medical equipment to live. We want to be participants, not spectators! We need to be acknowledged, feel the wind in our faces, hear the leaves rustle, ride in a hay wagon, toast a marshmallow, plant and harvest, and learn independent living skills through teamwork, enthusiasm, accountability, and responsibility.

We want to go places we’ve never been, see and feel the beauty of God’s artistry in nature, and simply be with our friends and family doing what kids like to do, outdoors. We are tired of hearing what we cannot do; we want to be the authors of our lives, and finally, we have that opportunity at Zachariah’s Acres!