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We want to see every faded and tattered flag in WI replaced with a brand new one.

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Wisconsin | Created: October 6, 2019


Renewed Liberty was started in Wisconsin Rapids, WI, when organizer Ben Holberg noticed that there was a large number of U.S. Flags being flown in the area that were faded and tattered and should be retired. Men and women have died defending what that flag represents (the greatest nation on Earth), and to fly a tattered flag is to blatantly disrespect the lives that have been lost to keep Her that way.

We will provide a free flag to any Wisconsin home flying faded or tattered flags. We will also gladly provide a free house-mounted flagpole and flag to any Central Wisconsin Military member current or retired, or the immediate family of either.  We will even install it at no cost!

Through a partnership with our exclusive flag supplier, Freedom Flag & Pole, $20 is all it takes to sponsor the purchase of a brand new high-quality nylon flag with embroidered stars and sewn stripes. This flag retails on their Site for $35, so this is a fantastic deal that Tom has given us!

If you know of a flag in Central Wisconsin that needs to be replaced, or a Military member (current or former) that doesn’t have a flag pole but would like one, please use the “Contact” link to send us their information.

Thank you for your support!

Ben Holberg, Organizer
“Honoring America and Her Military Families With New US Flags”
(715) 741-0410