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Brewing Truth at Lake Country Lutheran High School.

School Funds

A portion of your coffee subscription will go towards the Lightning fund. This fund allows us to financially support students who wish to attend Lake Country Lutheran High School, where We Teach Truth, and Jesus makes all the difference.

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Hartland, Wisconsin | Created: July 29, 2019

Lake Country Lutheran High School is a private, non-profit Christian school in Hartland, WI. What makes LCL unique is we intentionally focus on the Gospel message of Jesus Christ as the most important aspect of our school.

We develop a culture where students feel loved, safe, connected, and valued. This is driven by the individual relationships developed with their teachers. Our faculty seeks authentic communication with our students that models and supports Biblically-based values, morals, and ethics. Our students are encouraged to stand out and be different among their peers not because of their appearance or possessions, but because of Whom they represent.

At LCL our doors are open to welcome the next generation. In every classroom, we continue the legacy of excellent education grounded in Truth. We can only do this when our community invests in the future of our students. We started the Lightning Fund to give our community a place to financially support students who wish to attend LCL, where We Teach Truth, and Jesus makes all the difference.

The interest of our own coffee lovers sparked a partnership with Java Funder. Now we can continue to grow the Lightning Fund through a simple everyday purchase that already puts a smile on our face.

500 coffee drinkers x 1 subscription box a month x 12 months
= $30,000 annual impact