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The H.O.P.E. Project: Making Disciples for the Advancement of God’s Kingdom


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Milwaukee, Wisconsin | Created: August 9, 2019

Our discipleship focuses on a 2 to 3-year relationship with individuals whose hearts desire is to strengthen their relationship in Jesus Christ. The first step in that journey starts with an initial set of supplies we call a discipleship kit. Each discipleship kit consists of, An Apologetics Study Bible, a personal prayer journal, a personal study journal, a word study Bible, dictionary and one Bible Blitzes class fee. What are we trying to accomplish through this fundraising endeavor is to provide a discipleship kit to each person we disciple through the upcoming fiscal year. Our current need is 500 kits at a cost of $135.00 per kit.

Our story- Converge Great Lakes Captive Ministry was started in 2007 after a violent and tragic summer in Milwaukee WI. With a passion to see lives, families, and neighborhoods experience the lasting change that comes through a relationship with Christ. The Lord called Richard and Aurelia Brown to start The Captive Project. Today, as a ministry of Converge Great Lakes, we are part of a movement known around the country for church planting, evangelism and diversity initiatives.

What We Do- Our Mission is to innovatively go into urban areas with the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the deliberate intention of making disciples and facilitating unity with cooperating churches; creating bridges that link Suburban and urban churches for the Glory of Christ, through the ministries of…

Starting- Evangelism
Strengthening- Discipleship
Stretching- Cultural Reconciliation