Affordable Dental Care, Inc.

Your purchase of coffee provides affordable and grant dentistry to those in the gap-those who have had to neglect care due to a lack of income or insurance.

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Based on long-standing evidence, we know there is a significant correlation between oral health and overall general and even mental health. We believe that everyone from infant to elderly should have access to a healthy smile.

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Created: July 29, 2019


OUR MISSION is to close the gap in the crisis of access to dental care through quality clinics which treat any individual who has put off dental care due to financial, physical or educational hardship. In light of long standing data which shows that oral health has a large impact on general medical and psychological health, our goal is to restore hope, health and opportunity in our communities. We do not accept insurance and do not compete with private practice dentistry or government community healthcare, rather exist to fill the gap of patients who fall into neither of those categories.

OUR VISION to care for those in need is based on biblical principles taught and displayed by Jesus. Knowing the health and financial implications for those unable to afford needed dental care, as well as personally knowing many people with little or no access to care, ADC was founded in 2009 by Tim Buck to combat the crisis. Tim has a 40+ year track record in the dental industry as well as marriage and family counseling.

A commitment to sustainability
A belief that our patients will always be significant financial investors in their care
A commitment to helping those less fortunate because of our Christian values
A commitment to an active Board of Directors who play an integral part in maintaining the mission
A commitment to advanced education and superior practice in every ADC clinic
A commitment to efficiency and frugality
A commitment to kindness